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Service (LKS)

Contact the Library & Knowledge Service


Tel: 0151 600 1442


Opening Hours

LHCH staff can access the library 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using their LHCH ID badge. If you are a registered member of the library, you can self issue books using the self issue desk any day or time.

Library staff are available to assist during office hours Monday-Friday.


Joining the Library & Knowledge Service

To join the Library you will need to complete an online registration form and show a valid LHCH ID badge. Your ID badge acts as a Library card. A barcode will be placed on the reverse of the ID Badge.

Register here (top right corner): 

Borrowing Items from the Library

You must be a registered member of the library to borrow items (see above).


LHCH Staff may borrow up to six books for up to three weeks. Students on placement and other staff may borrow up to four books,for up to three weeks. After three weeks the books must be returned or renewed (maximum of four renewals).You can reserve books that are on loan to another user.


You can self issue books using the self issue desk any day or time (if you have a library barcode - see library staff if you need one), or library staff can issue books during office hours. Books can be returned directly to library staff or posted in the secure book return box (located inside of the library and available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week)

Books must be issued to a user before they are removed from the library. Books removed from the library without being issued is considered theft and will be dealt with accordingly.

Request Service

The Library is a member of various medical and nursing library networks. If you require an item that we do not have, e.g a journal article or a book, a member of library staff can request it on your behalf from another library. The service is free to use and we will notify you by email when the item has arrived. You can request items by email or speak to a member of library staff.

Literature Searches


The Library Manager carries out one-to-one and group training sessions, showing users how to search for articles on the medical databases available to NHS Staff via NICE Evidence. Training will include:

1. How to register for an OpenAthens account (if not already done so)

2. How to formulate a search strategy using PICO

3. How to run the search stratgey on various databases

4. How to access articles electronically (where available)


Literature Search Service:

NOTE: You MUST be registered with the library to use this service

The Library manager will search literature databases for a topic of your choosing. You can request a search by completing a literature search request form within the Library, or by emailing the Library Manager with the following details:

1. Date the search needs to be completed by

2. Your full name, Job title, Department/ ward, Email address and telephone/ bleep

3. Research question/ topic

4. Any Search limits - English language only?

5. Publication years to be searched

6. Any keywords you can suggest

Current Awareness Service

Whether you are involved in research, evidence based practice, professional development; current awareness is crucial. It is the practice of keeping up to date with the most recent information on any chosen subject area.

Visit the Current Awareness section for resources to keep you updated.

Visit the Library Intranet page (Internal use only) to view RSS feeds, and request current awareness bulletins sent out by the Library Manager

Outreach Service

The LKS Manager carries out ward and department visits by  prior arrangement. She will find out what your information needs are and how your library can support you and your team.

Computers & iPads

The Library provides access to eight computers. 

An iPad loan system is also in operation. A request form (available from library staff) must be completed. You may be added to the waiting list if there is high demand.


Study Space

The library has study areas for staff to use. Electrical points are also available to allow users to plug in and charge their laptops and mobile devices.


Reprographics, Binding & Laminating

A photocopier/printer is available to use. Please ensure that you adhere to NHS copyright guidelines on display in the Library. Users may also use the photocopier/ printer to scan and email documents to their LHCH email account.

Binding and laminating service available. Users must provide their own binding and laminating materials, unless its for educational purposes.

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Opening Hours
Joining the Library & Knowledge Service
Borrowing Items from the Library
Request Service
Literature Services
Current Awareness Service
Outreach Service
Computers & iPads
Study Space
Reprographics, Binding & Laminating
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