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NHS Apps Library

A selection of various healthcare apps assessed against NHS standards.

BMJ Best Practice  Apple | Android

To download this app, all users will need to set up a personal account with BMJ Best Practice. This includes users who usually access BMJ Best Practice via Open Athens. 

How to download this companion app:
Go to BMJ Best Practice website and log in using your institution’s method of access (OpenAthens for LHCH staff ).
Once you have accessed the BMJ Best Practice website, create an account (only email and password needed). Once you have registered, use these ‘personal account’ details to log in to the app.


BNF and BNF for Children

Access to practical, evidence-based medicines information wherever you are. The interactions checker makes it easy to identify potentially serious issues between combinations of drugs and you can find drugs by either non-proprietary or trade name.

Tools and  medical calculators.

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